let's change the world together Every GHier was once a helper🤞

why use our system

Swift Gold is unique and transparent in her decision making. The idea is simple, decentralising and channeling helps to who needs it most by the helpers and recycling for an optimal solution and at their liberty while the system check mate operations for a healthy system at all time through recommitment policy, maximum PH, pegging of referrals/guilders earnings and many more.

How it works

Swiftgold have a very strong structures available to all and sundry to grow your spare money by 30% Naira or 40% bitcoin in 15days. For instance, Mr Lee pledges #50000 to help, the system would ask Mr Lee to pay 10% down payment within 24 hours and 90% much later. However, Mr Lee could only be allowed to GH after Mr Lee must have paid a recommitment of 10% of his new pledge not below his current pledge.

Participants Loyalty and Core Values

GHiers should build positive relationships through an outstanding communication with their Helpers

Participants should uphold the highest ethical standards and promote trust and respect to one another.

Participants should consistently demonstrate an unselfish commitment.

Participants should always PH minimal they have at hand and not recycling from what helper will pay.

Every GHier was once a helper

Together we are stronger than ever!!!

Participation is easy.
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